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A Definitive Ranking of Everything I've Streamed (So Far) In Quarantine

It's a listicle.

30. Solar Opposites (Hulu)

- Just didn't like it

- Isn't Rick and Morty, and I respect that

- Still not my vibe

29. Michael Che Matters (Netflix)

- This man is in the sunken place

- Didn't finish it

- Was rooting for him

- Finished this one but pretty sure he said something racist or homophobic that left me with a bad taste in my mouth

- Still better than Che

27. Hollywood (Netflix)

- I enjoyed Hollywood

- Watching the good guys win is fun

- Darren Criss is a good actor

- Many of these people are good actors

- The show is still meh tho

26. Avatar: The Last Airbender (Season 1) (Netflix)

- I don't get the hype

- Have been avoiding for years due to a personal vendetta, but was shamed into watching

25. Jerry Seinfeld: 23 Hours to Kill (Netflix)

- Parts of this were funny

- "Relatable" but this time it's a straight, white man

- Had on in the background while baking & eating dino shaped chicken nuggets

24. The Kominsky Method (Netflix)

- I think I would like this more if I were an actor and/or more comfortable with the inevitability of old age

- It is good though, there is just stiff competition

23. Breaking Bad (Seasons 3-5) and The Road to El Camino (Netflix)

- Think I just missed the boat on this one

- Famously was paused half way through the first episode of season 3 for literally four years

- Bryan Cranston deserved his awards

- So did Aaron Paul

22. Prop Culture (Disney+)

- This show is good but only if you care about the movie the props are from

- I only cared about like two of the movies

- Fun to see theatre tech in the spotlight

- Watched the Mary Poppins episode twice the day it dropped

- Kinda cheesy

21. Carol & Tuesday (Season 2) (Netflix)

- Probably not gonna watch season 3

- Mars Colony is cool

- Music slaps

20. Dolemite is my Name (Netflix)

- Eddie Murphy did a good job

- Learned something new

19. Cells at Work! (Netflix)

- Osmosis Jones but make it anime

- Fun because it's a pandemic, ya know?

18. Little Fires Everywhere (Hulu)

- Reece Witherspoon

- Kerry Washington

- Compelling central conflict was overshadowed by petty drama to me

17. Bob's Burgers (Current Season) (Hulu)

- Just kinda keeps going downhill

- Bob and I get each other

16. Brooklyn 99 (Current Season) (Hulu)

- Doesn't hit the same in quarantine, maybe?

- Probably will never be as good as season 5 was

15. Never Have I Ever (Netflix)

- Cute!

- Just learned Mindy Kaling was on the development team

- Felt original, which is nice

14. Fleabag (Amazon Prime)

- I get the hype

13. Herbie Rides Again (Disney +)

- Nostalgic

- Set in a city I am a 40 minute drive from but cannot visit

- Referenced in the musical "Fun Home" and also is why I am obsessed with VW Beetles

- Probably explains why I hate capitalism

12. Be Our Chef (Disney +)

- Adorable

- The families with the best creative execution keep loosing to families who have only slightly better flavor compositions (I say as someone who has not tasted the food)

11. Sex Education (Netflix)

- Thought this was going to be all chuckles, but actually it is very emotional

- Excited for season 3

10. The Perks of Being a Wallflower (Netflix)

- Wanted to cry

- It worked

9. Tiger King (Netflix)

- You knew it was going to be on this list

- Simply great entertainment

- No one is the good guy

- But she totally fed her husband to tigers

8. Tangled (Disney+)

- Great animated feature film

- When WILL my life begin?

- Watched the whole thing on my phone while in the bath

7. Avengers: Infinity War (Netflix)

- Action!

- Still think the end is SO over the top that it couldn't possibly be "The End"

- But wow

6. Ouran High School Host Club (Netflix)

- Great vibes


- My list; my rules

5. Kim's Convenience (Season 4) (Netflix)

- Just watch Kim's Convenience

- It's so good

4. Frozen II (Disney+)

- Makes me happy

- Mom came into the living room while I was weeping to Next Right Thing

- Was very concerned

- "Samantha?" is not that funny

3. Ducktales (2017) (Disney+)

- Woo-oo!

- Just exciting enough to have on in the background while doing crafts

2. The Imagineering Story (Disney+)

- Niche

- Quells my constant desire to be at a Disney park

1 . Bojack Horseman (Obviously) (Netflix)

- Wasn't even planning to rewatch it

- My best friend got to watch it for the first time while we used Netflix Party and I am jealous he got to see it with fresh eyes

- Big oof's

- Simply the best streaming show

So, what should I watch next?

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