Stage Manager, New York Theater Festival

September 2019

Without an ASM on Morgan Smith's new "OGYGIA", I was responsible for all stage managerial tasks including updating scripts, paperwork, taking line notes, etc.

Producing Assistant, Honest Accomplice Theatre (CURRENT)

November 2018 -

For this internship my responsibilities include but are not limited to:

- updating production budgets
- entering expenses
- coordinating with designers about expenses

- working with producer to make a list of industry and school invites
- inviting industry and school folks and following up
- outreach to potential group audiences
- building partnerships for talkbacks post show
- helping create pass packets
- creating post show surveys for audiences
- attending rehearsals and documenting the process for social media
- help create mailchimp updates for HAT mailing list

- tracking which donors are attending which shows - leaving notes for these folks
- creating and setting up VIP bags
- creating and sending special donor invites to the shows

- making sure designers get what they need - assisting them as needed with miscellaneous item searches/pick ups/etc
- helping with load in/load out

- helping plan opening night/donor/cast parties
- various errands

- Will be helping plan their annual benefit in May of 2019

Production Stage Manager, Broadway Bound Theatre Festival

July-August 2019

As the PSM for "The Argentinean Prostitute Play" I set and maintained daily schedules, handled all paperwork, ran the tech process, distributed script changes, and called the show - as well as general troubleshooting as needs arose in the rehearsal room or during performances.

Production Stage Manager, Marymount Manhattan College

January 2019

As the PSM for Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Starlight Express" I set and maintained the daily schedules and handled all paperwork, ran the tech process, and called the show - as well as handled any other needs as they arose in the rehearsal room or during performances. For more about my experience and an explanation of why I think every college should do "Starlight" click here

Assistant Stage Manager, Marymount Manhattan College

August - October 2018

As the first ASM on MMC's production of Anne Washburn's "10 Out Of 12", I handled all prop and set tracking and, with the other ASM, lead a team of seven first-time deck crew students.

Assistant Stage Manager, HERE Arts Center

August 2018

As ASM on Ali Viterbi's new play "Period Sisters" I was responsible for various stage managerial jobs and mostly worked on line notes and script maintenance.

Production Stage Manager, Queen Mary Theatre Company

February - March 2018

PSM for Eilis Price's "Polar", an original work in the Queen Mary Theatre Company's "NewWriters Festival", a student-produced, directed, and written festival. Without an ASM, I was responsible for all stage managerial tasks.

Production Stage Manager, Student Theatre At Marymount (club)

January 2017

Production Stage Manager for Rodolfo Soto's "A Very Pretty Word", a new, student-produced, written, directed, and performed production under Marymount Manhattan College's "STAM" club. Without an ASM, I was responsible for all stage managerial tasks including keeping an updated copy of the script as the writer cut and added lines, line notes, blocking notes, an exit/entrance plot, rehearsal and performance reports, calling the show, and the like. I also was responsible for the sound design of the production.

Calling Stage Manager, Genesius Theatre Company

January 2017

Calling SM for "Anthony and Cleopatra"

Assistant Stage Manager, Marymount Manhattan College

August - October 2016

Second ASM on MMC mainstage production of "Our Country's Good". As ASM, I was responsible for line notes, created an entrance and exit plot for the production, ran sound in the rehearsal room, supervised musical rehearsals when the PSM and director were preoccupied, and backstage during production was responsible for any props or quick changes occurring off-stage right as well as supervising exits and entrances from under the stage.

Lighting Designer, Marin Musical Theatre Company

July 2016

LD for MMTC's inaugural production "Kiss Me, Kate"

Production Stage Manager (Replacement), Novato Theatre Company

May - June 2016

Overtook all stage managerial responsibilities for "Dancing at Lughnasa".

Production Stage Manager, Marymount Manhattan College

September - December 2015

PSM for the student-directed "'dentity Crisis". Without access to an ASM, I was responsible forall Stage Managerial responsibilities. I also did sound design for the production.

Assistant Stage Manager, Novato Theatre Company

2013 - 2015 (Intermittent)

As ASM, I oversaw all backstage responsibilities for "Next to Normal" at NTC. For one week ofperformances, I also took over Production Stage Management's responsibilities when the PSMwas not available, while still maintaining my ASM responsibilities. The same production wasremounted a year later at Spreckles Performing Arts Center.