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Rome: I Promise I'll Be Back

Rome is where the final leg of my summer travels began! After two weeks in Greece with a class and three in Greece and Italy with my parents, Rome is where I got to take over the reigns. The next month and a half of travel was coordinated entirely by me and my best friend from high school, Robby.

Robby and I on the Spanish Steps (before he fell when we were walking down)

I spent my 10th birthday on a flight to Rome - it was my first time leaving the country and I fondly remember throwing a coin into the Trevi fountain and promising the city that I would come back. We had been through a lot over the past few weeks and all of us still had more travel to come (my parents would be moving on to Germany when Robby and I headed to Croatia), so we took a chill first day. My parents enjoyed our AirBnB and I took a walk through town to explore a Jean-Michel Basquiat exhibit at a small museum - I got some of my best personal writing of the trip written at that exhibit and on the walk! We enjoyed a delicious Italian dinner at a restaurant under our apartment. We stayed right near the Spanish Steps, the first place my family visited on our first trip, so it was a really special place to end my travels with my mom and dad.

The Trevi Fountain - A promise to come back!

There was some drama when Robby's flight out of the US was cancelled and he arrived a day later than anticipated. Thankfully, my parents were in town with us in Rome and we were going to part ways upon leaving the city, so I was not stuck on my own. Robby landed safe and sound despite the drama, and even though it would have been nice for him to have seen more of the city, it all worked out alright!

The sights of Rome? You gotta Colos-see-um!

Because of our limited time in the city, Robby and I took a bus tour of the city to make sure we didn't miss anything. We went to the ____ museum and my mom treated us to a visit to the colosseum all before Robby even got to see our AirBnB. When we did get back to the house that night he passed out with his shoes still on - I've never seen someone so tired! The next morning we all took a walk to the Trevi Fountain and made our wishes and our promises to return one day before we parted ways. Robby and I headed for the central train station and my parents had a few more hours before they made their way to the airport to visit Munich!

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