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Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again!

Or should I say "Grease 2"? For the second time, I visited Greece with MMC's very own Rob Dutiel, Mark Ringer, and Jill Stevenson! After a month of classes up at 71st street, where we learned about Ancient Greek culture, plays, and architecture - as well as, for the first time, about the Byzantine period and its responsibility for preserving so many of the texts we still study today, it was time to head to JFK! Following a similar but not identical route to the last trip I to

I Graduated! And More Major Life Updates

I greatly underestimated how much work four classes, a for-credit internship, and gearing up to graduate would take, and blogging fell by the wayside this semester. But summer is here and I'm back, baby! Hopefully with a more regular posting schedule. Here's a few of the big things I was so busy doing that I forgot to blog about it. We'll start with the big one - I'm a college grad! On May 17th, I walked across the stage at Lincoln Center's David Geffen Hall to accept my dipl

Blogging About Blogging

I've toyed with the idea of keeping a blog on and off since high school. Now that I feel as though I am in a position where I have things to say that people may actually care about, as well as being on the cusp of starting my professional career, here we are! I'm a few weeks out from beginning my senior year at Marymount Manhattan College as a Stage Producing and Management major with a Business Management minor, one day I hope to start my own theatre company with a focus on

Delphi: the Navel of the Ancient World

Delphi was referred to as the "navel" of the world by ancient Greeks because they believed that it was so beautiful that all of the earth's beauty must have been been absorbed there from outside forces and then spread out across the globe. It's the most breathtaking place I have ever seen. We arrived in the late afternoon after our visits to the monasteries. There is a local restaurant there that our professors, Dr. Ringer and Rob Dutiel, eat at every time they do this trip.

Vergina and Dion

The first of many early mornings on the bus! Our first stop of the day was the tomb of Phillip II, father of Alexander the Great, in Vergina. One of the best preserved tombs ever found, as it was never looted. Buried below the tombs of two soldiers, grave robbers did not think to dig so deep. We got to explore the almost untouched tomb and even got to see the paint inside that had survived. It really felt like going back in time! Our second stop of the day was an archeologica

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