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I Graduated! And More Major Life Updates

I greatly underestimated how much work four classes, a for-credit internship, and gearing up to graduate would take, and blogging fell by the wayside this semester. But summer is here and I'm back, baby! Hopefully with a more regular posting schedule. Here's a few of the big things I was so busy doing that I forgot to blog about it. We'll start with the big one - I'm a college grad! On May 17th, I walked across the stage at Lincoln Center's David Geffen Hall to accept my dipl

Why I Go To Early-Morning Yoga Even When I Complain About Being Overworked and Overtired

As a college student with an on-campus job, finding time for myself is a challenge (so much so that I have been neglecting this blog for over a month - oops). The stress of trying to balance classes, a rehearsal schedule, and a social life - all while trying to get enough sleep and maintain a skincare routine - is a struggle many of us know all too well. Living in the age of the 24 hour work day, where we all seem to be competing to see who can overwork themselves the most on

Blogging About Blogging

I've toyed with the idea of keeping a blog on and off since high school. Now that I feel as though I am in a position where I have things to say that people may actually care about, as well as being on the cusp of starting my professional career, here we are! I'm a few weeks out from beginning my senior year at Marymount Manhattan College as a Stage Producing and Management major with a Business Management minor, one day I hope to start my own theatre company with a focus on

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