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Andre's Place Theatre Co.

a place for the rest of us

Actors on stage

Andre's Place Theatre Co has a mission to create theatre by and for those who have been left out of the traditional theatrical narrative. We strive to be a radically inclusive space for people of all backgrounds to come together to make, watch, and participate in live theatre. Andre's Place is, above all, a place of inclusivity and empowerment for everyone - regardless of race, gender identity, sexuality, ability, religion, socio-economic background, or anything else that might tear us apart.

Andre's Place is a passion project started by Daisy L Phillips who, upon moving to New York City to pursue her undergrad education, came to realize just how lucky she was to have grown up in a loving theatre community. Andre's Place is her first step towards the reality that every child might one day be afforded that same luxury should they wish to explore the arts. Andre's Place is named for the lead character of the play that inspired it all, Rodolfo Soto's "A Very Pretty Word", because most of all Daisy hopes to create a theatrical community that someone like Andre would be able to call "home".

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