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The Walled City: Dubrovnik, Croatia

Another stop from my first trip to Europe with my family! My mom has cousins in Dubrovnik so I was adamant that Robby and I visit on our adventure. My mom talks about how blue the water is in Dubrovnik all the time, but even memory does not do it justice - it really is just a stunning place to visit.

Floating and wading in the blue water outside the walls

One of our hardest nights of travel was our ferry from Bari, Italy to Dubrovnik. The overnight boat was hard to sleep on and our limited cell phone coverage made it even more difficult to find our accommodation once we arrived -less than helpful when we already were exhausted and not functioning on all cylinders . Once we did get settled, though, Croatia was like a fairytale.

A view from the walls

One thing that had changed in the 10 years between my visits was the tourist population. Game of Thrones films their Kings Landing scenes in Dubrovnik (this was a big selling point for Robby when I was pitching adding Croatia to our trip). This combined with the increased number of cruise ships made for a very different experience than my first visit, but I didn't love it any less.

Sunset ocean kayaking around the walled city

We walked around the city walls and visited a hidden gem-museum dedicated to their history. We took a ferry to We also spent a fair amount of time at the beach! One of my favorite memories of from the whole summer is of our sunset ocean kayaking adventure around the walls. Snorkeling, cliff jumping, and the kayaking itself was magical. The view of the sun setting over the water is something I hope I never forget.


Robby and I bussed to Split, Croatia from Dubrovnik and spent a little time there before we moved on to Austria. The day and a half we had in Split felt the most like a true beach vacation for Robby and I. Our AirBnB was right on the water above a beach-front bar. I tried to talk Robby into renting a jetski with me to no avail, but I could have vegged out on the beach like that forever! Near the bus station in Split Robby and I also found one of our favorite takeaway snacks from the trip - the fresh squid sandwiches were so good we got back to the bus station early to grab another before heading off to Vienna!

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