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Run Like an Olympian

Another fun day on the road! Our stop in Olympia was another memorable one. Our tour guide, Niki, was yet another guide who has known Marymount groups in the past. Her guidance thorough the archeological museum was informative and funny - she even showed us a statue that was known for having the best butt in Greece! This museum was possibly the closest I've ever gotten to real Greek statues - the statues that once graced Olympia's parthenon's pediments were intimidatingly huge - I may never get over it.

Outside, we were guided through the original olympic village! Niki showed us the stone that the olympic flame is lit at every year as well as the original arena - some of my classmates chose to run the whole thing, but in the 100º + heat, I opted for a photo-op instead. We had some free time to work in our sketch books before setting off again for Nafplio!

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