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Vergina and Dion

The first of many early mornings on the bus! Our first stop of the day was the tomb of Phillip II, father of Alexander the Great, in Vergina. One of the best preserved tombs ever found, as it was never looted. Buried below the tombs of two soldiers, grave robbers did not think to dig so deep. We got to explore the almost untouched tomb and even got to see the paint inside that had survived. It really felt like going back in time!

Dr. Ringer lectures us outside the Archeological Museum of Dion

Our second stop of the day was an archeological museum where we got up close to some of the artifacts. Here, we not only saw the art that survived, but the tools used to craft that art as well. A classmate of mine reminisced about a ceramics class she had taken at our school - she said she liked the feeling of being able to keep and use something that she'd made, and that she liked the fact that it could still be here in a couple thousand years. This museum visit really reminded me why I aspire to work in the arts - I hope one day that my work will be remembered, too.

First theatre of the trip!

After the museum, it was but a short bus ride to our last historical stop of the day - a theatre! As a group of theatre students, this may have been the most exciting stop for us yet. Walking on the same ground that people walked on thousands of years ago, who were such an integral part of our art's history, just felt magical. Dr. Ringer recited part of "The Bacchae" and the introduction to "The Iliad" (both in Erasmian Greek) from the stage and all the while we had a view of Mt. Olympus - I think all of us could have stayed in that moment forever!

Mt. Olympus
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